Rich and varied is the Cape Verdean music, the splendid soul of its people, alive and constantly changing, thanks to the creativity of its various composers and performers.
African rhythms and European melancholy are in time and from time to time identified and merged, with an original result of sounds, voices and dances. In the texts, joy and sadness, love and sadness, feelings and life stories.
The music will reach you through the open windows of houses, from local festivals and traditional celebrations, which abound in Cape Verdean's calendar and also from modern recordings that maybe you will take with you.
Morna, coladeira, batuque and funaná are some of the most popular rhythms. The singer Cesaria Evora is internationally known as are numerous other artists and groups: Tito Paris, Lura, Bana, Ferro Gaita, Princesito, Ildo Lobo, Sara Tavares, To Alvez, Gilito, Suzana Lubrano and several others without putting them in any order of importance.
Listen and watch their videos on Youtube, and discover a new universe of sound and dance.